122 year old Male
Last online almost 13 years ago
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destiny23 @destiny23 left a comment for Bro
Mar 18, 16 at 7:40am Hello My name is miss Destiny, i have some thing to discaus with u plesase contact me direct to my email ( ) for more communication so i will send you my others pics
dorisgood @dorisgood left a comment for Bro
May 20, 13 at 10:14pm
Hello I like to be your friend if you fell the same with me contact me through this email so that i will send u my picture and tell you more about me,see my email address below. ( hope to hear from you soon. Gladys
gamemaster @gamemaster left a comment for Bro
Mar 02, 10 at 4:09am
Glad to have you Bro. I'm sure this place will get very boring very fast for the first month or so. Unless I discover another $100 Google Adsense credit, haha, that got 50 members for my other site, which is why it took off.
Mar 02, 10 at 4:05am
Yeah those too. Maybe if everybody post more replies with smiley faces they'll show up :)
Mar 02, 10 at 3:56am
Like pink controllers and shit? Bitches love those. Uh...what are the rules for this place?
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