Video Game Dating Site was developed by gamers, for gamers.

We built MaiGamer to help gamers meet other video game players. While playing Halo 3 might help you make some friends from around the world, we focus on pairing you up with gamers who are actually near you. Meet some people you can play games with, and maybe even find a boyfriend/girlfriend.

How does MaiGamer work?

Simple - create an account today, and find out! Your profile lets other gamers find you, meet you, and learn more about you.

How much does MaiGamer cost?

Nothing, it's free to talk to other users through comments and private messages. We will offer a bold feature that points more people to your profile and gets you more attention, but the basic stuff that you need are free.

Why "Browse" not "Search"?

Our browse page is going to be like search on steroids. Already the users are sorted based on their distance from you, and once we have enough members you'll automatically see the kinds of people you're looking for.

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