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Meet Other Gamers, Free
Welcome to MaiGamer! We are a brand new website for gamers to meet other video game players. MaiGamer is a free dating site that lets you meet people who play video games that live near you. We hope you consider joining us and becoming part of our community!

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Gamer Profiles
You can create a basic profile right now. We'll be adding more, like gamer cards, lists of your games and rankings, and more... much later.
Upload yourself, your face, your characters, whatever you want! Share your personality through pictures - worth a thousand words.
You can send private messages to other users, comment to other users, and communicate throughout our video game dating site for free.

How It Works

Meet Gamers

You create an account, for free, which puts your profile up. You will then appear to other users on the 'browse' page, if you are close to them. And you can browse to find video game players near you. You can them leave them comments, add them as a friend, or even send messages to them. Through this, and by participating in our forums, you are sure to meet lots of people.

We're also working on cool matching features, including a video game log that lets you get matched with gamers based on which games they play. We automatically match you up based on what you're looking for, making making dating video game players easier.

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