im looking for a new anime


im looking for a new anime anyone have some good sugestions? id love to hear some.


btw does anyone want to give me their first and last name plus a picture of their face? coause i have a wonderful black book to write your name in oh and maybe you should write a good cause of death for youself to i mean what no you dont have to do that

Jun 12, 15 at 2:22am

What kind of anime are you looking for?

Mar 24, 16 at 11:09pm

you should try Tokyo Ghoul, it comes in Subbed and Dubbed. and if that isnt your type of Anime try Spice&Wolf or even AO No Excorcist.


IF you are a sucker for WWII stuff then I'd recommend:
Sora No Woto
Girls und Panzer

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