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Looking for someone to play Guild Wars 2 with. That's all c:

I'm not what you would expect out of a teenage girl. I'm complicated, to say the least(And So are many others in their own way). I don't open up to people easily, it's very challenging for me. Unless somehow you broke through my barrier. If that were to happen, you're special. I'd most likely confuse you, but you'd still probably understand me anyway. I take my music personally and I don't appreciate people criticizing it. There's a lot of things I hate in this world, yet I can replace these things with something even better. I had a struggling past, so that's one reason why I don't open up easily. I'm extremely shy, but eventually I warm up. It really depends who I'm with/talking to. I don't judge on first impressions/sight. I'm not stereotypical either. In that case, don't label me. No one's an item waiting to be scanned. You could probably tell me you murdered someone and I still wouldn't think anything less of you. I'm one that if I were to make a mistake, I immediately learn from it. I believe in the paranormal, don't judge. I can be influenced easily and taken advantage of without even realizing. I'm really sensitive on some cases. I'm not innocent, yet I'm not hardcore evil either. I'm still on the path to finding out who I really am.

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