Last online about 4 years ago
I'm Kelsey.

-I am asexual yet i still will want sex in the future, after i can trust someone enough. I am not repulsed or disgusted by sex i just don't let the need control me. I do want marriage and children in the not so distant future
-short(don't call me short...seriously don't)
-loved by children(i babysit and my job is a nanny)
-lover of pandas
-I can eat a whole bag of flaming hot Cheetos i just might regret it later
-Powdered doughnuts are my "crack"
-Oreos is MY favorite cookie(screw you milk)
-starburst over skittles
-Gamer(slight hatred for cod/wow/lol) *see games in picture*
-Fan of anime and hentai(and yaoi/yuri)
-hater of pervs, porn, and old guys(anyone over 30)
-I have the PREFERENCE(not required)to black or East asian male and females
-Wielder of master sword
-Player of ocarina
-puzzle builder(LIKE A BOSS)
-Pegga sister(if you are bro-nii more power to ya)
-star wars not star trek
-destiel-er(CasXDean Winchester)
-Avid Disney/pixar/dreamworks movie watcher
-Avid Studio Ghibli watcher
-Soul reaper
-Wii bowler
-Virtual animal tamer(kinectamals)

-searching for the love of my life, my soul mate, my player two, my boo

-This soul mate could be either man or woman and they could be 5mins away or 500 or even 5000(or you know OVER 9000!) miles away, distance is not a issue, we can just meet in the future. We could skype together or anything else.

Whatsapp: +!-618-303-2821i
LINE: ninja_pandas_attack
kakaotalk: ninjapandaatack
kik: ninjapandasattack
texting: 812-302-2297
Skype: animequeen17
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